LongStay/Backpackers Archaeological Travel Insurance

  • Cost effective cover for the long term traveller
  • Travel up to a year at a time
  • Most medical conditions can be included
  • Reduce the cancellation cover and increase your excesses to save money
  • Suitable for studying and working abroad
  • You are covered when undertaking archaeological work - excavation, survey, fieldwork, histrocial research etc.
Archaeologist Longstay Travel Insurance Longstay travel insurance is ideal for people who require travel insurance for an extended stay. The option to vary the cover and cover limits means the insurance can be tailored to your particular needs.

The Longstay travel insurance policy provides extensive cover akin to a single-trip travel insurance policy but is more cost effective. Longstay backpacker travel insurance with cover for medical conditions can be arranged for periods of travel from 1 to 12 months and is suitable for people who want to work abroad. Don't worry either if you have a medical condition. We can offer cover to people of all states of health. There is though an age limit of 55 for this insurance.

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