Pre-Existing Medical Condition Archaeological Travel Insurance

  • Cover for people with known medical conditions
  • Cover for travellers with disabilities
  • No age limit for travellers
  • We can insure many types of holiday to all destinations and up to a year in length
  • You are covered when undertaking archaeological work - excavation, survey, fieldwork, histrocial research etc.
Pre-Medical Condition Archaeologist Travel Insurance Cover for people with known medical conditions often find it difficult to get cover under standard travel insurance policies. We work with insurers who have a knowledge of conditions from Eczema to Cancer and know how to make fair and reasonable assessments.

Conditions such as diabetes, angina, arthritis, asthma, cancer, heart attack, high or low blood pressure don’t have to prevent you from getting insurance for that longed for or much needed holiday. Even more serious conditions can often be capable of being insured at sensible prices.

Travellers with disabilities can also be insured. This includes those with mobility aids including; wheelchair, motorised wheelchair, walking stick, walking frame or crutches.

Of course we can’t guarantee to give you the same price as people without pre-existing conditions but we will try to get as close as possible. We don't automatically apply an age limit so the assessment of your insurance cost will be based on your personal circumstances.

Please Email or Call 0208 255 0617 for quote.