Single Trip Archaeological Travel Insurance

  • Competitive travel insurance for all
  • Travel insurance for most medical conditions
  • Travel insurance regardless of age
  • 5,000,000 of medical travel insurance
  • Reduce the cancellation cover and increase your excesses to save money.
  • You are covered when undertaking archaeological work - excavation, survey, fieldwork, histrocial research etc.
Archaeologist Single Trip Travel Insurance Archaeology Single Trip travel insurance is suitable for those who undertake occasional or infrequent travel. It doesn't matter whether you are fit and healthy or have a medical condition or disability that might present an additional risk for insurers and is also suitable for those who have exceeded the age allowed by our Annual Multi trip insurance.

The cover operates in respect of a single holiday with defined dates. It provides cancellation cover in the lead up to the trip plus cover for medical expenses, lost, stolen or delayed baggage, delay, interruption to travel etc. during the holiday. Full details of the cover are available here.

Whether you are currently fit and healthy, concerned about a pre-existing illness, disabled or elderly or just plain struggling to find a suitable insurance policy this is likely to be the solution by which you can say ‘now I can travel’

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